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Padel is the oldest “new” sport in town.  Created in Mexico over 50 years ago, the game was played primarily in Latin countries until it was discovered by Europe at large after gaining tremendous popularity in Spain.


In the last five years growth in countries like Italy, Austria, Sweden and France has taken off.  Visitors to countries where the sport is thriving are returning home with the bug!  And that includes Canadians.


Padel Ontario has been founded, and affiliated with Padel Canada, to encourage and assist in the establishment of a padel community in the Province.  Padel Canada, headquartered in Calgary, is leading and coordinating efforts to build a cohesive national network of provincial associations that are then part of a global organization led by the International Padel Federation, based in Spain.

Check out our parent websites:

Padel Association of Canada Logo. Red and white circle outline, green tennis ball on the inside of the outline, red maple leafs in the centre, white padel racquet on top of red maple leaf.
International Padel Federation Logo in navy blue. Sideways simple outline of a padel raquet.
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